Hanneke Hoppenbrouwer (25 June 1973)

Hanneke Hoppenbrouwer is an energy coach and she is founder of The New Earth Frequencies. Starting out as an energetic therapist, her practice grew more and more in the direction of coaching and counselling. In addition, she continued to work as an IT professional and secretary, and the business world kept beckoning, also in combination with (team) coaching and communication training. She enjoys both worlds, is a people person, loves to stir things up and is a wizard at arranging and organising. Moreover, the magic can be widely spread in this way.  

She is married, has a dog and a cat and was born and raised in the Randstad (west-NL).  With her family, she moved to Overijssel in July 2020. More space and (primeval) nature was a big wish. Also the frequencies asked for a natural (earth) bedding and she has the feeling that both the energies and herself will come into their own much better here.
Special creations are already in the making!

Hanneke runs a practice at home and offers trainings and workshops on a regular basis.
She finds spotting of (individual) talent and strength and transmitting this to a client or a group one of the most beautiful things there is.
In balance.

Daniel Maissan (10 April 1973)

Daniel is a freelance documentary photographer. During his assignments for NGOs and foundations at home and abroad, he noticed above all that people are basically the same everywhere.
Daniel: "After all, in all circumstances, we all have our dreams and ambitions, feel love and insecurities and need to eat and go to the toilet. Despite poverty, natural disasters and conflict on a political, military or religious level, people live their lives; side by side and with each other. These stories of a shared daily life, are not news; they are not current and they have no face".
This makes Daniel feel the urge to look at these faces, admire them and show them as they are.

His way of working is characterised by great curiosity, intuition and involvement, through which he quickly creates a connection and often an intimate bond with the people he photographs. Those who subsequently see his pictures have the opportunity to experience and interpret the moments captured and to indirectly meet the people portrayed. 

Wilka Zelders (11 November 1955)

Wilka has worked as an energetic therapist and transformational coach in her own practice in since 1997. Using a wide range of coaching and healing techniques, she guides people to activate their self-healing capacity and to start living authentically from their own core strength. She is also able to bring the creative energy that is present behind the tangible reality within our field of perception, e.g. through her paintings of energy holograms.

The works of art that Wilka creates are depictions of holographic, harmonic, coherent energy fields. These energy holograms bring you into contact with the pure energies that form the blueprint for tangible reality. When you open up for this, you will start to resonate as a viewer, through which you will be able to feel the energy within yourself. The information you receive in this way is at the same time universal and personal and can therefore give a powerful impulse to your own developmental path. The energy radiation of the works of art has a healing and inspiring effect both on yourself and on the environment in which the work of art hangs.

Wilka also works a lot on commission. In 2007 her book "Holograms of Love and Power" was published by Ankh-Hermes, with 30 personal energy-blueprints and accompanying messages. Wilka also publishes regularly in various magazines and is, together with the Canadian Jhadten Jewall, initiator of the Whizzard Project, in which we are all stimulated to harmonise the frequency of our thinking and feeling with the pure light of creation and to start working together again with the world of Devas, elementals and nature beings.

David Bailey (1 February 1955)

David grew up in a family of respected healers in the U.K. From childhood, he learned to understand and experience healing energy, clairvoyance and all other related disciplines as a matter of course.
During his teenage years, he practised the piano classics but soon found out that his hands liked to play by intuition and feeling. New music flowed naturally from his fingertips and hit the keys. He immediately realised that there was more than just music and that the notes he played carried a certain energy. This energy often came to the fore and even during his concert tours it flowed through familiar melodies that he played.

Meanwhile, David, who now lives and works in Rennes le Chateau - southern France, has become a gifted concert pianist. He has played for the English Royal Family and artists such as Paul McCartney and Maynard Furgeson.
His recent activities in music have been with renowned healers and his stepson Glenn. Glenn and David both work with light therapy through the Chiren and David realised that his music merges with this special therapy. Together they help and support people worldwide in their path to healing.