2 seats available; training starts this weekend

For next weekend - completely unexpectedly - I still have 2 spots available.

If you decide to get in, so last minute, you get a €99 discount on the total price of €733 (ex VAT).

What is the idea behind the training and what does it look like?

A brief description is given below and via https://dnafrequenties.com/downloads/ you will find detailed information. Any questions? Ask them via info@dnafrequenties.com

Are you a coach or therapist and do you feel that your work aligns with the philosophy of new earth energy? Do you experience from within the need to help your clients find their soul mission? Are you looking for tools and handles that can monitor and balance the energy to bring this about?
Welcome to join in!
With the remedies and/or aura sprays, you get a complete package to help your clients evolve from dimension 3 to 5.
You do that - among other things - by teaching them how to recognise clues in the 4th dimension that help raise their vibrational frequency. From the shadow to the light. This gives both you and your clients a key that leads to a different consciousness. One in which anything is possible.

High time to help build bridges leading to a new collective consciousness level.
One that is good for all of us. So also for the Earth! And that starts with yourself.

We will start this Thursday evening with an online introduction and the remaining 3 training days will be on 19,20 and 26 November.

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