new Oracledeck

Of course, we tried a few more times. Having our beautiful boxset published by another publisher. But alas, it was not to be, as we constantly failed. And if we learnt anything... Energy shows us the way and apparently this is no longer the right one.
After having sold 2500 sets, the curtain falls for the set with cards and music CD as we know it now. The DNA Start collective - Daniel, Wilka and myself, have resigned ourselves to the fact that this particular set will not be coming back and that is quite something to swallow! Because what a wonderfully beautiful boxset it was and is! Nice to see that there is now a huge run to second-hand copies. That is cool of course. Moreover, we have decided to publish a lot of information from the book online. Its value remains. It is an expression of the energy and that comes in many shapes and forms. More on that later.

Dear Wilka, Daniel, thank you so much for your contributions! Wilka, so nice to be able to do and write this together. And your holograms are and remain beautiful. Much love and we will see each other again soon. Who knows what other beautiful things will emerge in due course. Fortunately, this is still an expression available through you as a work of art! Daniel, thank you for the photos and pointing out where it all happened. So nice and cool how that went down. Will always keep using the card set during readings, open days and browse workshops. Much love to you both!

Closed door, open door. Because this step and decision immediately made room for something new. Hanneke is currently working on a new oracle set that literally made itself known in less than 3 weeks. Therefore, it is already as good as finished. Now to complete the accompanying booklet. New channelings came through that not only enabled the next multidimensional reality of frequency to manifest as 5D creation, but also the fourth dimension is known in this new DNA frequencies card set.

Therefore, the next oracle deck will have 39 cards instead of 26. The photos will most probably (you never know I get so many surprises at the moment) be used again though. This is because it represents the place where Hanneke received the channelings and remedies through. Therefore, these images remain the three-dimensional representation and essence of the card deck, at least for now. We will see.

De bijbehorende foto bij dit bericht geeft alvast een sneak preview van de nieuwe multidimensionale werkelijkheid van het Alomvattende. Ik hoop dat jullie deze weergave van het Al dat mooi vinden. Bij mij kwam de energie echt ‘binnen’.

You experience the image in all its glory on the site's homepage. To be continued!

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