What are New Earth frequencies?

The New Earth frequencies consist of 13 energy remedies, holograms, photos, piano music and gemstones that complement and support each other. They were collected and created in the land of the Cathars, the region of Languedoc-Rousillon in Southern France and the thirteenth frequency revealed itself in Egypt. The playful abbreviation we usually use expresses their probable relationship to our DNA. 

What these DNA frequencies are and what they are for, is summarised in a channeled message that Hanneke received at the start (2007) of this project in the ascension towards the Aquarian Age.

Wat zijn De Nieuwe Aarde frequenties? 1

"These thirteen frequencies will help you to go through the transformation that comes with it in light and love, so that each one of us can tread the path that is meant for him or her.

The frequencies ensure that the right portals in humans are opened, equal to the frequencies on which the earth will resonate from the year 2012 onwards. Space and time will become one in this phase.

These New Earth frequencies build a bridge between the energies and frequencies we are experiencing at the moment and the frequency change that is going to take place. These frequencies, which will be audible to some, are being integrated into our DNA, so that the transformation we humans experience, goes more smoothly.

All communication that will arise in the course of time is intended to guide and support people in the direction that is appropriate to each person's capabilities. Because of this, the talents of each individual will be fully utilised. This will eventually lead to a state of being that suits the circumstances of the New Earth.

The frequencies will ensure that the corresponding transcendental chakras are activated and one will notice that this link remains permanently present. The energy will linger, so to speak.

Everything is energy. We as humans consist of energy, just like nature with its visible splendour and, let's not forget, its tangible elements. With this knowledge, it is not so strange that all these motions can sometimes throw us off balance, making our energy not flow as it should. Several reasons can be adduced for this. 

An important aspect is however the following; 
The Earth is raising her vibrational frequency from the 3rd to the 5th dimension and we as humans find that maintaining our balance during this process is not always easy. DNA frequencies support you during this transition and the process that goes with it."

Hologram Loslaten ©WZ
Hologram Geboorte ©WZ
Hologram Authenticiteit ©WZ
Hologram Mannelijke energie ©WZ
Hologram Vrouwelijke energie ©WZ
Hologram Het Collectief ©WZ
Hologram Inzicht ©WZ
Hologram Bezinning ©WZ
Hologram Dynamiek van Moeder Aarde ©WZ
Hologram Communicatie (contact) ©WZ
Hologram Het Al(omvattende) ©WZ
Hologram Zijn ©WZ
Hologram Overgave ©WZ

DNA frequencies represent the thirteen core energies of the different phases of life we encounter as human beings. They indicate how we deal with this as individuals, give insight into what our consciousness is capable of and let's us see and feel which parts (phases) are in need of support. In this way, they guide the evolution of our awareness process.

The pictures are a 3-dimensional view of the content of the frequency. We have tried to uncover the soul of the place where the frequencies were prepared. In this sense, the meaning and effect of the frequency is felt and recognised by our being.

The holograms are multidimensional works of art retrieved from the exact same place where both the photos and the energy remedies were created. They are the blueprints of the frequency (vibration) and the energy is immediately recognised and stored at soul level.

The energy-remedies connect the two. The pictures vibrate on the last octave of the 3rd dimension. The holograms vibrate on the first octave of the 5th dimension. The remedies ensure a smooth transition from dimension 3 to 5 and help you on your journey through the 4th dimension. The remedies (which you can also absorb) complete the circle. 

The piano music helps you to enter the energy fields of the frequencies and opens the gates to a deeper level of consciousness.

The gemstones set has a very grounding effect on the whole and clearly shows what needs attention in the here and now. Apart from the physical effect, you immediately notice that a lot happens, both energetically and at chakra level, when you start working with the stones. The frequency finds its way more easily and at the same time offers strength and support for your questions or intentions. In combination with the photos, holograms and remedies, the stones have a layered and at the same time disentangling effect.  This helps with gaining insights and securing them.

According to many predictions, in both old and new sources, on 21-12-2012 the Earth began a new cycle of 26,000 years. At this moment we are in the Aquarian Age, also called the Golden Age or New Age. From an astrologically perspective, this era started on 21-12-20. The energy remedies, holograms, photos, gemstones and piano music support this evolutionary process and make a smooth transition, while easing out transformational symptoms, possible.

Foto Loslaten ©DM
Foto Geboorte ©DM
Foto Authenticiteit ©DM
Foto Mannelijke energie ©DM
Foto Vrouwelijke energie ©DM
Foto Het Collectief ©DM