1 card tarot spread

During Easter weekend I published a tarot spread which is still valid today.

Choose your easteregg! Which card is yours?

what is your subconscious telling you

Concentrate and take your pick.

When you chose the card on the left: INSIGHT

Are you able to surrender to the processes and lessons that life brings? Or do you constantly search for answers and can’t let go? We humans are curious and like to have questions answered that are not always easy to answer. We want to know exactly how, what and why situations exist and what the reason is for the fact that you, of all people, have ended up in this particular phase of life. The frequency of Insight gives you a helicopter view when you need it the most and always exactly on time. Without having to search or push. Be patient.

If you chose the card in the middle: REFLECTON

Reflection asks you to take a break and build in rest. Are you able to put on the brakes in time? Or do you keep going and only afterwards do you realise that this has often been at your own expense? Sometimes there are there can be so many things coming at you at once that you feel you have no choice but to go on. The frequency of Reflection appears in your life to help you choose for yourself and your own well-being. To make choices that are good for you and therefore also good for those around you. This can make you feel like a failure, or that you let people down. However, everyone needs a breather every now to regain their strength in order to keep up the pace. You can be there for anyone you want afterwards.

Chose the card on the right: LETTING GO

The frequency of Release helps you to relax fixed ways of thinking. It also helps you to free yourself from everything that you had hidden in your shadow. This creates space for new insights and a new perspective on life, which gives freedom and compassion; for yourself and for others. From this new form of acceptance you can start to feel the creative power that brings you where you really want to be. It brings you more life energy and more zest for life. #dna #spiritual #tarot #tarotdeck #tarotspread #newearth #meaningoflife #spring #balance #power #strength #easteregg #easter #universe #personaldevelopment #sprituality #denieuweaardefrequenties #dnafrequenties #realease #lettinggo #insight #reflection

1 card tarot spread 1

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